What You Need to Know Before Buying a Hermès Evelyne Bag

The Evelyne has joined the chat. As history goes, designed in 1978 by Evelyne Bertrand who was then head of Hermès riding department, the enchanting Hermès Evelyne bag concept started as a carryall do-it-all for equestrian groomers who needed a bag that could handle their brushes, sponges and other tools. While it was considered more of a utility bag and was only to be used by the Hermès equestrian department, it has then transformed into a namesake that rose to fame and highly sought after by celebrities as well as the everyday luxury fashion lover.

The unique and precise perforations in the shape of the now-iconic "H" were designed to allow fresh airflow that would dry the groomer's basics so that they would be ready for use when required. The perforated side was intended to be the bag's back and worn against the body, but the H has become a sought-after design element among enthusiasts of luxury accessories.

Though what we would call the extraordinary appeal of the Evelyne was not fully appreciated until decades later, it’s now a staple available on the online and in store list of Hermès luxury bags. Today, the Hermès Evelyne is absolutely adored for its casual flair, and as could be expected, the symbolic “H” perforations are now worn facing forward for all to see, admire and desire.

Hermes Gris Etain Clemence Leather Evelyne Bag Gold Hardware

The Hermès Evelyne Bag Overall Design

Hermès crafted a rounded rectangular shape for the Evelyne design, similar to that of a saddlebag. The emblematic perforated H with a circle has and will always have 63 holes. If you’re getting ready to buy this bag and are currently doing all your research, this is an important feature to verify especially when buying preowned luxury bags so make sure you check the H or choose an online store with an authenticity promise.

The Evelyne bag comes in multiple sizes both mini as well as more roomier versions that’ll carry quite a bit more. The different strap drops offer ideal lengths for wearing crossbody for anyone on the go.

There are 3 generations of the Evelyne:

Evelyne I (1st gen). The very first edition has an external pocket and a non-adjustable strap
Evelyne II (2nd Gen) has an external pocket and a non-adjustable strap
Evelyne III (3rd gen) has an external pocket and an adjustable canvas strap

The shoulder straps are designed with durable canvas and leather designed to emulate a horse's girth strap. The elegant Hermès Evelyne bag’s leather is cut by hand, stitched, polished, and crafted to resist scratches and tarnishing. It’s also sewn together without lining keeping its authentic history of hold-anything usefulness. The bag's interior is the untouched back side of the leather it is designed from.

The Little Details of the Hermès Evelyne Bag

The Hermès Evelyne is a trendy everyday bag and even more so a popular choice among celebrities. We can totally see why. With its resilience, light weight, and accessible open interior, you could carry it every day and it’d never let you down. They are most commonly crafted in two types of leathers. The first is Epsom, a lightweight, stamped-grain leather. And then with Clemence, a more heavy, matte grained leather and this is the material used for all the bags. It is also designed with Box which is a smooth, glossy calf leather and Sombrero, also a calf leather but with a matte finish.

If you’re thinking about buying a Hermès Evelyne, pay close attention to the bag’s hardware. This is also an important feature to check in particular when buying a preloved luxury accessory and can be easy to look over so make sure wherever you buy your bag, they are a seller that stands by the authenticity of every item they offer such as Luxybit.

Hermès Evelyne Bags for Sale and How to Get Them for Less

A simple silhouette, luxurious leather, soft and creamy feel, stylish yet functional. It is no surprise that this bag has seen a renaissance in admiration. The crossbody style makes it the perfect bag for keeping your hands free for those with even the busiest lifestyles.

If you’re ready to invest in this gorgeous, head turning bag, you know buying new is an investment. Opting for circular fashion is gaining popularity and for good reason. Though fake Hermès Evelynes are now running rampant on the preowned recommerce market, there are easy and risk free ways to get an authentic Hermès Evelyne for less. You can rely on Luxybit as a worry-free, trusted source for buying high-end designer items like the Hermès Evelyne. Luxybit uses 25 years of authentication experience to verify stamping, stitching, hardware, authenticity stamps, date codes, serial numbers, materials and craftsmanship and stands behind the authenticity of each item that is sold. You can trust that when you buy any Hermès Evelyne from Luxybit, it is authentic!

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