1. Fill Out The Online Quote Form

Fill out our easy online quote form to submit your item. Answer some questions about the item you wish to sell and upload your product pictures. To help us determine an accurate value, we ask that you include as much information as possible. 

2. Receive An Offer

Luxybit will respond in 1 business day after receiving your quote submission. If we determine that your item is acceptable for sale, Luxybit will email you a preliminary direct purchase offer for your item. Otherwise, Luxybit will notify you that your item is not acceptable for sale. If you accept the preliminary offer, you may ship your item to Luxybit for assessment.

3. Ship It To Us

Next package your item, print and attach our pre-paid UPS shipping label, and drop your package off at your nearest UPS Store. Request a receipt as proof that the package has been scanned when dropping off at UPS. 

4. Review Final Offer

Upon receipt of your item, we will assess the item condition, verify its authenticity*, and notify you via email with our final offer.

*Item Authenticity: Please be certain to only send us authentic items. If the item is discovered to be counterfeit, or condition is significantly different from the pictures provided and not acceptable for sale, it will be returned to the seller after the fee of $50 has been paid in full within 30 days of payment notice to the seller.

5. Get Paid

Once you have accepted Luxybit's final offer, we will issue payment in 1 business day. Luxybit will issue your payment according to the payment method selected. Payment methods include: Venmo (no fees), Paypal (no fees), direct deposit, check, or Luxybit store credit. Luxybit store credit payments will enjoy an additional 10% bonus in value.

Still have questions? Please review our Seller Terms and Conditions or ask us a question via live help and a customer service specialist will assist you.