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Luxybit is a service and an online storefront for buying and selling pre-owned authentic luxury items like handbags, accessories, watches, jewelry and shoes. Whether you are looking for that holy grail bag or you are ready to say goodbye to some cherished designer goods that you are simply no longer in love with, you can engage in circular fashion and rely on Luxybit as a worry-free, trusted source for buying or selling high-end designer items! Designer items are made with the best materials, so they hold their value — even when resold again and again. Together we can make a positive difference globally by choosing to reuse luxury goods.

We pride ourselves in delivering fair market prices with up to 80% off retail prices, promising 100% authentic items, offering you free shipping on every order and a generous 30 day return policy. Ready to SHOP?

We are committed to providing you with the most money for your pre-owned luxury items. We are happy to discuss pricing with you — building a relationship with you is very important to us! Ready to SELL?