Why Are Rolex Watches So Hard to Buy Right Now?

Rolex may come to mind as one of the most well-known watch manufacturers in the world, and the brand continues to reign supreme in the realm of high-end horology. This has been the case for decades, with the Swiss brand consistently raising the standard in areas ranging from design to mechanics. When you're interested in luxury watches and want to acquire a Rolex, be sure to read this article to gain a thorough understanding of the current availability of Rolex watches.

Why are there no watches on display at Rolex dealers or just a few "for exhibition only"?

You've just received a "no" from your authorized dealer, and it may feel a little off because you can see the actual watch on display, but you are not permitted to purchase it because it's only for display. Why is this so? Well, to get you started, the majority of Rolex models are so popular that they fetch a premium on the gray market, which is why the authorized dealers are hesitant to sell you the watch. On the other hand, the majority of models are accessible to well-known individuals, valued relations, etc. That is, you will need to establish your relationship with your local authorized dealer from the ground up. After establishing a firm relationship, you may be permitted to purchase a brand new Rolex at the manufacturer's suggested retail price.

Why are there so many new Rolex timepieces on the gray market?

How then is it conceivable that the gray market is rife with brand new Rolex timepieces? Since authorized dealers sell watches to a variety of individuals, these individuals occasionally resell their Rolex to a gray market vendor who pays a bit more than the suggested retail price to acquire it. They will resell the watch at a premium on platforms or marketplaces to enthusiasts like you. So, if you're in the market for a brand new watch but don't want to spend years on a so-called waiting list, you can purchase the watch directly from a gray market vendor or consider a pre-owned Rolex from Luxybit.com

Pre-owned Rolex Daytona Watch
Pre-owned Rolex Everose Rose Gold Daytona Watch
When will the scarce supply at Rolex dealers end?

No one knows whether or when the shortage of new Rolex timepieces will end. All Rolex watches are developed and produced in-house at the brand’s sites in Switzerland. Assembled by hand, with extreme care, the pieces are required to meet the brand’s unique and high-quality standards of quality, performance and aesthetics. The shortage will likely persist as it is challenging to locate skilled watchmakers. 

    How can I buy a Rolex watch?

    Even at retail, you can still purchase a brand new Rolex watch. You may have to wait a few years to obtain your desired Daytona, GMT, or Datejust, whereas you can obtain it immediately on the pre-owned market. Rolex watches can be quite expensive when you buy them brand new — which is why we recommend purchasing a preowned watch so you can save  thousands of dollars. Not only will you save money while purchasing a desirable watch, but you’ll get your hands on a watch that continues to increase in value because it's highly sought after by watch collectors around the world. Luxybit takes pride in conducting a thorough authentication process to ensure each watch is an authentic Rolex.

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