Style Bit by Luxybit: How to Find the Ideal White Button Down Shirt

Happy New 2021! How about starting the new year fresh in a white button down? I’ve defined what to look for to help you find the perfect white button down:

1. Movement

The idea button down should flare out ever so slightly at the hem, thus cultivating an oversized effect without looking frumpy.

2. Heft

In terms of material, I like it somewhere between the weight of a traditional oxford shirt and the flimsiness of a cotton dress shirt. This happy medium will help the shirt maintain its structure without feeling like cardboard.

3. Tuckability

It’s really difficult to find a great shirt that looks good both untucked and tucked. Shirts with slits on the sides are the best of both worlds.

4. Color

Some white shirts have a yellow or blue tint, or are blindingly white. The ideal white button down should be a muted soft white that looks a bit worn-in. You know, like a stale marshmallow.

5. Easy care

Machine washability is important. You’ll want to wear your perfect white button down a lot, so it should be practical and wearable.

Have you discovered your own version of white button down superbness? What kind of accessories would you pair it with? Find them here.