You are ready to take the plunge and purchase a beautiful Louis Vuitton bag to add to your collection! But, where do you start? You have already chosen a style and color, but what material do you pick?
Louis Vuitton offers a boundless range of different materials: canvases, leather, and everything in between. The wide range of materials means that there's something for everyone and different lifestyles!
Louis Vuitton products are highly sought out due to the brand’s incomparable craftsmanship and durability. So, despite what you choose, you can rest assured that the material will age well and remain beautiful for a long time. 

Because the demand for LV products is so high internationally, there is a big market for counterfeiters. Many counterfeiters target unsuspecting buyers on social commerce marketplaces. There are only two ways to guarantee that the item you are purchasing is the real thing. The first is by buying directly from the brand's online or physical storefront. The second way is by purchasing through a reputable reseller like Luxybit.

Here are some of our favorite Louis Vuitton materials that we are heads over heels for!
Monogram Canvas
The Monogram canvas is Louis Vuitton's iconic and most recognizable material! The design was developed in  1986 . This timeless design features a pattern of LV initials, diamonds, circles, and flowers printed on a coated canvas. 
But, the most remarkable thing about it is the Vachetta leather trim! When the bag is first manufactured, the leather has a beautiful cream color. As time passes, this exquisite material develops a honey-colored patina as it comes into contact with the skin’s oils and air. The transformation of the color is a beautiful representation of the bag’s longevity and the amount of time that it has been carried. 
The only downside to the Vachetta leather is that it’s susceptible to developing watermarks if exposed to water. This material is ideal for the fashionista who enjoys indulging in high-fashion items and isn’t afraid to make a statement!Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas

Damier Ebène
In  1888 , Vuitton created and trademarked the Damier canvas! The brand first used the iconic pattern on luggage and trunks before being available for handbags and other more miniature leather goods. In the late 1900s, it was reintroduced as Damier Ebène. 
The distinct two-toned brown checkered pattern is a popular choice as it's a classic neutral. All bags made with the Damier Ebène canvas have a dark brown leather trim. The interior of the bags are available in both light and deeper colored linings. The deeper color of the checkered pattern easily disguises any wear and tear, staining, and discoloration.
This material is ideal for the fashionista who prefers a more neutral color palette and a timeless design.Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene

Damier Azur
If the Damier Ebéne's deeper chocolate color is not for you, then you may enjoy the Damier Azur better! It's a newer addition to Louis Vuitton's textile arsenal. 
The design is very similar to the Ebéne, and the only difference is that it's a beautiful cream and deep navy checkered design. The lighter colors make the perfect color combination for spring and summer. But because of the lightness of the bag, the Damier Azur shows wear and discoloration more easily than other materials. Similar to the Ebéne, the Azur also has the beautiful Vanchetta trim. 
If you are constantly on the go and typically a bit rougher with your bags, the Azur may not be the best choice for you! But it’s perfect for the fashionista who diligently cares for their bags and prefers accessories in a lighter tone!Louis Vuitton Damier Azur

Epi Leather
Louis Vuitton incorporated Epi leather into its arsenal of textiles in  1985 . The material inspired and created the brand's first line of leather bags, a distinct deviation from the brand's iconic coated canvas. 
Due to its strength and durability,  Epi leather is the brand's most common leather option! It's a textured vegetable-tanned hide with a unique striated texture. The stiffness of the leather helps the bag to retain its shape. Despite its rigidity, it’s still soft and supple to the touch. In addition, the material is coated with a water-resistant coating to protect it! The bag's interior is lined with a buttery soft suede.
The color selection is vast, with over fifty different available options!
Epi leather is the ideal material for a busy girl on the go! It can take the beating of everyday commuting but is still dressy enough to wear with an elegant outfit.
Louis Vuitton Epi Leather

Monogram Empreinte Leather
Do you adore Louis Vuitton’s classic monogram print but prefer leather? Not to worry! The brand offers a beautiful Empreinte leather that combines the best of both designs!

The brand launched the Monogram Empreinte leather in  2010 ! This beautiful and bold design is made of supple calfskin and embossed with the classic Monogram pattern! In comparison to the Epi Leather, it’s not as stiff and becomes softer over time. It also comes in a wide variety of colors!

This style is ideal for the chic fashionista who enjoys more understated luxury with a smart and sleek design.LV Empreinte Leather

Have You Found Your Ideal Look?

We’ve only touched on a small amount of the materials available in the Louis Vuitton collection. There are over fifteen different types of materials to choose from. A wide array of textures, colors, and prints ensures that there’s something for everyone!LV Vernis LeatherLV Mahina Leather
Louis Vuitton is dedicated to providing only the highest quality goods to its consumers. The brand's extensive history of exquisite craftsmanship speaks for itself! So, no matter what material you choose, you can be sure that your investment will last for a long time!
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